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Fluency Training >> - The aim of the training is for you to learn to speak fluently at any speed. A dysfluency is immediately followed by red vertical lines on the audiogram and in the car animation, where the car runs into obstacles for as long as a disturbance in the continuity of speech takes place. Details >>
SpeechHelper Power Intonation >> - The speech consists of information (what the person says) and intonation (how the person is speaking). The main function of intonation is to express speakerвАЩs emotional - modal attitude towards the subject matter. The most successful speakers were noted for high level of speech expressivity, ability to impart their mood and attitude towards the subject matter to the auditorium. SpeechHelper Power Intonation objectively analyzes speech expressiveness and trains intonation!Details >>
NEODIALOG SPEECHHELPER >> - this unique computer technology models different situations of communication: objection, disagreement, flattery, criticism, anger, request, friendship and others which are recorded by professional actors and stored in the database. Having heard the phrases spoken by a вАЬvirtual partnerвАЭ (using headphones), the user then replies into a microphone (or read the recommended reply displayed on the monitor). Each reply is analyzed and on the monitor appears an objective assessment of the userвАЩs contact with the вАЬvirtual partnerвАЭ based on an analysis of tempo-rhythm and intoning. Details >> X

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