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SpeechHelper Power Intonation. 

Computer program of speech expressivity analysis and intonation training.
The speech consists of information (what the person says) and intonation (how the person is speaking). The main function of intonation is to express speakerТs emotional - modal attitude towards the subject matter.

The expressiveness of intonation and freedom in communication directly depend on the personТs psychological state. The higher level of tension the person suffers - the more tense his vocal chords become what results in monotonous speech. Sometimes the tension may be so hard, that monotonous speech can provoke stuttering episodes.

SpeechHelper Power Intonation affords:

1. To improve the communicative abilities with the help of speech expressiveness training.
2. To determine the personТs stress level, as the percentage of speech expressiveness directly depends on personТs inner freedom, sincerity and speech expressivity. The higher the percentage of speech expressivity is, the more psychologically stable the person is.
3. To assess objectively the speech quality of the applicants for the vacancies, which require the skills of expressive speech.
In order to analyze objectively the speech expressiveness, the user has to speak aloud or read aloud into a microphone. As the information is accumulated (in 20 sec), the program analyzes the dynamics of voice fundamental frequency and displays current and average percentage of speech expressiveness.

Training of speech expressivity (intonation) takes place by means of a puzzle game where the user must uncover a picture, square by square, through using intonation.

There are three skills levels of training: novice, master, expert. At the novice level the picture will be uncovered easier; the expert level is the most difficult one. By reading the text aloud into the microphone, the user trains his or her intonation. A vertical line coming in from the right from a picture covered by black squares is used to show the extent to which the user is successful. If the line turns green, this indicates that speech contains a high level of intonation and as a consequence, the picture is revealed. If the vertical line turns red, this indicates that speech is monotonous and the picture is covered up. The absolute percentage of the userТs intonation level is shown at the right. If the user passes this session successfully (the picture is completely revealed), he or she is able to enter a more difficult level.

The button УTextФ affords to enter the personТs own text. The program is arranged in such a way that all the pauses and speech intervals are ignored Ц computer analysis takes place only during the process of speaking into a microphone. In order to develop the communication skills, itТs recommended to exercise 20-25 minutes per day and to pass 2-3 complexity levels each day with SpeechHelper Power Intonation.

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